How Does VELscope Work?

VELscope works by emitting safe blue light into the oral cavity, causing tissues to fluoresce. Healthy tissues emit a pale green fluorescence, while abnormal tissues, like those associated with oral cancer, exhibit a darker, irregular pattern. It aids healthcare professionals in visually identifying potentially abnormal areas for further investigation and diagnosis of oral cancer.

How Does VELscope Work?

Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can occur in various parts of the mouth, including the lips, tongue, gums, roof or floor of the mouth, and inner lining of the cheeks. Early detection and early oral cancer treatment can cure. Here are some signs and symptoms that may indicate the presence of oral cancer, which VELscope oral cancer screening services can examine at Westview Dental's facility:

Signs of Oral Cancer

How is the VELscope® Examination Performed?

Know the examination processes our orthodontist performs to examine, treat, and recommend. Our examination plans are unique to every case.


Visual Examination

Trust your oral health to our experienced doctors who conduct thorough examinations initially, meticulously checking glands, tongue, cheeks, palate, and teeth.



A pre-rinse solution will be given to enhance fluorescence visualization, aiding our experienced doctors in detecting oral abnormalities with precision.



By illuminating the oral cavity with safe blue light, VELscope enhances identifying abnormal tissues, including potential indicators of oral cancer.



After the detection, the extraction of a small tissue sample for laboratory analysis is involved. Our skilled doctors will perform precise biopsies, ensuring an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans.

Why Westview Dental for the VELscope Oral Cancer Screening Services

Choose Westview Dental for VELscope Oral Cancer Screening—trusted experts with a wealth of experience. Our specialized team guarantees superior service, ensuring customer satisfaction through precise diagnostics and unwavering commitment to quality care.

Velscope Oral Cancer Examination: Your Oral Health is Our Priority

Oral health is more than just straight teeth. Regular oral cancer screening is a must to ensure your mouth stays healthy and your radiant smile stays intact. Early diagnosis can prevent your oral health from deteriorating and rule out any concerns you might have pertaining to your oral health. So don’t wait any longer- contact Westview dental, the best dental clinic in Edmonton and schedule a professional oral cancer screening to keep your teeth healthy and bright.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the VELscope for oral cancer screening?

The accuracy of the VELscope for oral cancer screening is supported by a sensitivity of 74.1% and a specificity of 96.3%. The statistical analysis, with a P value below 0.05, affirms significant agreement with surgical biopsy results at a 95% confidence level.

How often should VELscope be done?

During regular dental visits, VELscope examinations, focusing on the head, neck, and soft tissues, should be conducted every six months. Additionally, individuals with specific symptoms or concerns related to oral cancer should consider more frequent screenings.

Do dentists routinely check for oral cancer?

Yes, many dentists routinely include oral cancer screenings as part of regular dental check-ups. These screenings often involve a visual examination of the mouth, including the lips, tongue, gums, and other oral tissues. Regular screenings are crucial for the early detection of oral cancer, improving the chances of successful oral cancer treatment. It's advisable to discuss oral cancer screenings with your dentist and inquire about the specific procedures they use during routine check-ups.


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